Your First Meeting With Attorney Tobie Kuykendall


The 30-minute free consultation

Your initial meeting with Tobie will give her the opportunity to gather important facts of your case—both positive and negative. It is also an opportunity to develop a rapport between yourself and Tobie, and she will give you plain-spoken advice regarding your legal matter. Essentially, you get a chance to interview your attorney before retaining her, and she gets a chance to evaluate your case and give you some candid feedback about it.

If you decide to retain our firm

  1. You and Tobie will go into more detail about your case and set clear expectations.
  2. She will provide you with an understanding of the actual law. Many clients have been misinformed either from their own internet research or from friends and family regarding the actual law. You need to know how to separate the facts from the myths.
  3. Finally, Tobie will develop a strategy for your case. Generally speaking, it is critical for our client’s to understand the strategy from the outset, and understand the steps that Tobie will take to achieve your goals.

Generally speaking, if a client has reasonable expectations, and follows the attorney’s instructions and has sufficient resources to pay for the process, it is usually possible to meet the client’s goals. However, keep in mind that judges can sometimes be unpredictable and no promises will ever be made as to the outcome of your case. But what we can promise is that we will work zealously to do everything we can to achieve your goals.

Meet with Tobie today

Whether you need legal counsel for divorce proceedings, child custody, child support, paternity, adoption, or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you need an attorney who will be committed and available to you. Contact Tobie for your free consultation now.

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